Hanney Community Association

1. "The Hanneys" website

Since Summer 2015 we have been working with Mark Sacco, the original designer and administrator of "The Hanneys" website (www.thehanneys.org.uk), to support him with the website maintenance and editing. Unfortunately Mark passed away in October 2015 and HCA have adopted full responsibility for the site. With the support of two volunteers, Dene Stringfellow and Trevor Page, HCA are maintaining the site on behalf of the communities of East and West Hanney. We aim to revamp the site and relaunch it in honor of Mark later on in 2016. We are seeking feedback on the current site and suggestions for improvements for the new site.

2. Neighbourhood Plans

We are supporting East and West Hanney Parish Councils by contributing to the Neighbourhood Plans currently being developed. HCA are a member on the joint Steering Committee, which aims to develop individual plans for East and West Hanney. More detailed information can be found here www.easthanneyparishcouncil.org.uk/neighbourhood-plan.html. This is not the same as the recently produced Community Plan, but findings from this work are being included in the Neighbourhood Plan.

3. Start-a-Heart/Defibrillator

HCA supported the installation of a second defibrillator in The Hanneys in Summer 2016. The defibrillator is installed on the garage wall of the Plough. In parallel, HCA arranged two free CPR training sessions in the HWMH in July 2016 and again in October 2016. As a result 40 people in Hanney can now perform CPR.

4. HCPL Shares

Following the kind donation of shares from a HCA member, the Association is now in a position to receive donated or bequeathed shares. The ultimate aim is to ensure that 25% of shares in the Plough are held by community organisations (e.g. HCA or Hanney News). Shares will not be traded or sold. If you would like to donate shares then please get in touch.

5. Barn Owl boxes

HCA is starting a project to install Barn Owl boxes in East and West Hanney to encourage these birds to the villages. Anyone wanting to get involved, please let us know!