Hanney Community Association


The objects of the Association are to promote the community interests of East Hanney and West Hanney (The Hanneys) by acquiring assets, supporting organisations and events and maintaining facilities for community benefit in The Hanneys.

The Hanney Community Association currently has a membership of 121 households representing 196 Hanney residents.

Latest news

2016-10-05 Time is running out to vote for "Hanney Hall Wants Solar"!

You have until the 10th October to vote for Hanney Hall Wants Solar! Hanney hall has entered a competition to win funding to have solar panels installed on the hall. This will significantly reduce electricity costs for the hall and create some revenue. They are also having a display installed in St James school so the children can engage with energy projects. We need to secure enough votes to win the competition and do so before 10th October. Please vote for this great project and ask your friends and family to do the same.

2016-08-29 Second free CPR Training session organised

Following the succes of the first event, HCA have arranged for a second free CPR training session, Wednesday 12th October, HWMH. Places are limited so please contact jimstagg@btinternet.com to register your interest. See the front page of Hanney News for more information

2016-08-17 13th Meeting minutes available for download

13th Meeting minutes to download

2016-06-08 Free CPR Training available

HCA have arranged for some free CPR training, Thursday 14th July 6.30pm to 8.30pm in The Olde Hanney Room, HWMH. Places are limited so please contact jimstagg@btinternet.com to register your interest.

2016-05-16 12th Meeting minutes available for download

12th Meeting minutes to download

2016-05-16 Amended version of the constitution available for download

Constitution as amended 14th May 2016 to download

2016-03-21 2016 AGM Minutes available for download

2016 AGM Minutes to download

2016-03-15 Neighbourhood Plan Launch Event

Neighbourhood Plans Launch Event, Hanney War Memorial Hall, Sunday 17th April 2016, 2.30 to 5pm.

The Localism Act introduced new rights and powers to allow local communities to shape new development by coming together to prepare neighbourhood plans. These Neighbourhood plans can include planning policies which reflect and respond to the unique characteristics and planning context of our villages. The Parish Councils of East and West Hanney need your help in developing these plans and planning policies. We want to hear your concerns about the future of your village. It could be traffic, housing location and design, provision of facilities, parking, flood risk, protection of the historic environment or ecology or anything that you have concerns about that involve land use. There will be a 30 minute presentation and Q&A at 3pm by Tom McCulloch from Community First Oxfordshire. There will be lots of background information in the form of an exhibition and the opportunity to give your input. Please come along and make your voice heard.

2016-02-24 AGM Monday 14th March at 8pm in HWMH

AGM Agenda to download

2016-01-13 New Committee Member

Thanks to Gill Parry for volunteering to join the HCA Steering Committee

2016-01-13 Neighbourhood Plans

HCA are supporting the Parish Councils as members of the joint Steering Committee, which aims to develop Neighbourhood Plans for East and West Hanney.

2016-01-13 The Hanneys website project

HCA have now adopted responsibility for The Hanneys website (www.thehanney.org,uk). Check out the up to date website, which is being reviewed and changed frequently. Thanks to Dene Stringfellow and Trevor Page who are supporting HCA in this venture. We plan to revamp the website later in 2016 and are actively seeking feedback on the current site and requirements for a new site - both from users and community groups who would like to use the site. Let us know what you think.

2016-01-06 2015 Newsletter

HCA's 2015 newsletter is now available for downloading. The newsletter contains a brief summary of our activities during 2015, but if you would like more information, please contact us.

2015-12-11 Minutes of the 10th HCA meeting

Minutes of the 10th HCA meeting now available.

2015-09-29 Minutes of the 9th HCA meeting

Minutes of the 9th HCA meeting now available.

2015-07-18 Minutes of the 8th HCA meeting

Minutes of the 8th HCA meeting now available.

2015-07-15 The new look Plough now open!

The initial work on the Plough has now been completed and the new landlord and landlady, Phil and Fi, have re-opened the Plough. Any questions given them a ring 01235 868909. The HCA are pleased to see the successful completion of their first project. Well done to HCPL who have driven this project forward and to the army of volunteers and local tradesmen who rolled up their sleeves and attacked the Plough with paint brushes.

2015-05-20 HCPL have exchanged contracts for The Plough!

On May 19th Hanney Community Pub Ltd exchanged contracts with Punch for The Plough, West Hanney. The village managed to raise the full 400k during the share offering. Completion date will be decided later but will be within 28 days (on or before 16th June).

2015-05-11 Minutes of the 7th HCA meeting

Minutes of the 7th HCA meeting now available.

2015-04-09 Minutes of the 6th HCA meeting

Minutes of the 6th HCA meeting now available.


HCPL is looking for volunteers to help clean, garden, paint and touch-up The Plough following the successful purchase by the village. This is likely to be in June. If you would like to help there is a short Volunteering Form to fill (also downloadable from our "Documents" section) in to allow us to know who is available, when and what they would like to do.

2015-03-03 Minutes of the 5th HCA meeting

Minutes of the 5th HCA meeting now available.

2015-02-25 Plough updates

The Plough is now open for food, reports are good, so pop in and give it a try. HCPL have now instructed solicitors and the purchase is progressing well. The next stages involve preparing a share offer document which will contain everything you need to know to make the decision to invest. HCPL intend to hold a public meeting to answer any questions there may be on the share offer document.

2015-02-15 The Plough now open

The plough is now open for beer lunchtimes, evenings and all day Saturday and Sunday. It is closed Mondays. Food is still awaiting kitchen sign off, but hopefully will be in the next week. The new tenant is called Steve. Pop in and say Hi!

2015-02-15 HCPL offer for the Plough has been accepted

The Hanney Community Pub Ltd offer for the Plough has been accepted! The hard work starts now. We are still looking for funds to bring the pub up to safe, hygenic and pleasureable standards.

2015-02-05 Plough to re-open Friday

A sign outside the Plough says that it will re-open on Friday 6th February at 5pm. Here's hoping!

2015-01-16 Plough share offer - key facts

Key facts of the Hanney Community Pub Ltd share offer now available.

2015-01-16 Minutes of the 4th HCA meeting

Minutes of the 4th HCA meeting now available.

2015-01-15 Hanney Community Pub Ltd Website

The Hanney Community Pub Ltd Website is now online.

2015-01-15 Plough opening delayed

You might have noticed that the Plough did not open as expected on 12th January. At present Punch do not seem to know when the pub will re-open, but we will let you know as soon as we do.

2015-01-09 Volunteers needed

The management committe urgently requires members. Please email if interested.

2015-01-08 Plough to re-open

The Plough will be open under temporary management from 12th January.

2015-01-04 Plough up for sale

The Plough is up for sale and HCPL hopes to progress an offer soon.